About Us

About Us

Our Story

Science Maverick’s mission is to change the world with the way we learn and do away with a century-old method of textbook-based theoretical learning and take learning to the students. We’d like them to explore the world with better learning and practical understanding and more importantly make learning more fun!


Our Values

We believe in making learning more collaborative, available and affordable to every student no matter where they are. We at Science Maverick strive to ensure that concepts are illustrated in the simplest way possible and yet engage and motivate the students to discover the world and in the process discover themselves.

Our Educatsions

Science Maverick was started with a view to make after school learning more simplified, easier to understand and more importantly, challenge the students and prepare them with better match practice. Education is all about practice and that’s what you get at Science Maverick!

Our Service

Science Maverick’s mission is to make learning and after school helps more affordable. We work with students coming from different backgrounds and we intend to provide a platform to learn, collaborate and go become masters of their destiny!

Our History

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